Scientifically proven to kill 99.9% of airborne SARS-COV-2 within 3 minutes

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ActivePure®- Protect the people you care about

ActivePure® is the most powerful air and surface purification technology ever discovered

How ActivePure® Helps You

ActivePure® is designed to quietly work 24/7 to safely and effectively improve the air quality of your indoor space. Here are just some of the ways ActivePure® can help you:

  • Works safely 24/7 in places occupied by people and pets
  • Reduces airborne and surface contaminants
  • Enhances health & quality of life
  • Purifies the air and surfaces and reduces odors
  • Removes harmful gases
  • Protects from recontamination as people move around the area
  • Delivers measurable and proven results

Activepure products are registered with the Department of Agriculture, Food and the Marine as the European Appointed competent authority for biocides in Ireland

Portable Solutions

ActivePure® is available in multiple portable products, allowing you to customize a solution for each room in your house or business.

Integrated Solutions

ActivePure® products can be installed in your HVAC duct system. A great solution for homes and businesses with larger areas to protect.

Expect more from the air you
breathe, wherever you are

Suitable for any indoor space, no matter how big or small


Retailers connect manufacturers and consumers on a daily basis. Every single shop, from hairdressers to supermarkets can benefit from having a robust air purification system to protect their staff and their customers.  It’s all about prioritising safety and protecting the people you care about.


Everyone should have the right to learn in a safe environment. Schools and Colleges are among the top places where illnesses can spread and high absentee rates can affect performance. This is true for students of all ages but also for their families and the people who care for them who can also be affected as a result.


Sports bring people together.

That’s why air purification solutions are particularly important in these environments.

Ideal for gyms, indoor pools and any sporting facility where the transmission of pathogens is common, due to poorly ventilated rooms and close contact between people.


Exposure to environmental or airborne pathogens in Healthcare facilities such as hospitals, clinics and nursing homes can have significant adverse outcomes and cause illness among workers as well as patients. That’s why so many healthcare professionals choose to protect their people with ActivePure technology. The most powerful air purification solution available to the public, proven to kill 99% of pathogens, bacteria and viruses.

Hotels & Restaurants

Restaurants and hotels welcome hundreds of people on a daily basis. With so many people coming and going, the risk of being exposed to unknown pathogens brought in by other people tends to be high. That’s why Activepure is used in so many restaurants and hotels across the world, to keep staff and patrons reassured that they are eating and working in a healthy and safe environment.


Everyone is familiar with the experience of having a coworker show up sick to work.  It doesn’t take long before other people come down with an illness a few days later. From a co-worker perspective, this is annoying. From an employer’s perspective, this can be highly detrimental to business continuity. Activepure has shown to reduce the viral and bacterial loads and is used in office buildings around the world, keeping people safe and healthy for longer.

“As a healthcare professional responsible for understanding and mitigating the risk of Covid viral transmission between fellow healthcare workers and patients in our radiology department, I have learnt a lot about the importance of indoor ventilation, the transmission of Covid-19 and use of air-cleaning devices as a weapon to fight transmission.” “We have targeted the Zenair, Aerus Pure and Clean units to the higher risk areas in the department, reducing the viral load, making each of those critical working areas safer for the staff and patients, which is important for the ongoing running of the hospital”

Dr. John Sheehan
Consultant Radiologist & Clinical Director of Radiology, Hermitage Clinic

I believe ActivePure Technology is an essential item for indoor environments such as gyms. After a few minutes you can clearly notice improvement in the air quality. Other important aspects regarding this equipment is that it is easy to install and use, the electricity consumption is very low and does not require much maintenance. We are all very happy with this equipment in our dojo and it is certainly one of the best investments I have made to improve the quality of the service I offer for my costumers

Wagner Luvezuti
Owner, BJJ Gym Waterford

“We installed Pure & Clean purifiers in our bar and restaurant to protect our staff and customers from Covid 19 and other pathogens. There was an amazing result of immediate effect in our common areas, everyone could feel the fresh air and felt more comfortable and safer together”

Ursula Burkart
General Manager, Screebe House

“Delighted with the installation of Activepure units in our gym. The feedback from staff, fighters and customers has been very positive that we went the extra mile in cleaning the air while people train.”

Justin Johnson
Owner, SBG Tallaght

“Our top priority in opening the school in September 2020 was the safety of our students and staff. The key area we identified was indoor ventilation, which is when we reached out to Zenair to assist us with a solution. After meeting with the team we decided that the Guardian Air was the unit for us. Immediately staff and students felt at ease with fresh air being circulated in our rooms thanks to the unit.
I do believe that not only did the purifier help with no outbreaks of COVID 19, there was a reduced number of stomach bugs and colds and flus in general. The Zenair team has always supported us with any technical issues and had a rapid customer response.”

Chris Roe
RGN, RCN,  Willow Park School

“Our top priority is the safety and wellbeing of our Clients. As soon as we re-opened our Gym we looked to identify a suitable Air Filtration System. The Guardian Air Purifier met all our requirements. The feedback from our clients has been very positive and they appreciate the additional protections we have put in place. The system is easy to install and very silent when operating.”

Brian Doherty and Amelie Dubois 
Owners, B-FIT Antwerp 

‘Our Zenair purifiers were installed in our air conditioning cassettes with minimum disruption to our business.  They have provided us with a safe work environment for our employees and peace of mind for our customers’

Colm Maguire 
Owner, Woodruff Restaurant Stepaside


RNA Virus Reduction

Average reduction after 60 minutes with ActivePure Technology


DNA Virus Reduction

Average reduction after 60 minutes with ActivePure Technology


Mould Reduction

Average reduction after 6 hours with ActivePure Technology



99.96% reduction of airborne Covid-19 after 3 mins.